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Unique Technology

Ilsintech creates a technical innovation in the field of fiber optic communication. Fusion Splicer with AllinONE, AllinONE+ system, the most suitable for FTTx Solution and Fusion SOC of super high quality etc... Discover the difference, unlike any other!

▶ Fusion Splicer
▶ FTTx Solution
▶ Fusion SOC
New Product

Swift F1+
The AllinONE+ system in Swift F1+ leads to faster, easier and smarter FTTx Installation.
Multi-pack F
Through Multi-pack F, Swift Fusion SOC can be assembled in any fusion splicers.

Splicer & Tools

Ilsintech has mounted the AllinONE, AllinONE+ system in our Fusion Splicer. This system provides customers with smarter work experience.

▶  Fusion Splicers
▶  Fiber Cleavers
▶  Stand-alone devices
▶  Accessories etc.
FTTx Solution

For installation of FTTx network, the problem regarding quality, cost and maintenance is a source of great distress to Telco. Ilsintech Provides easier, economical, smarter FTTx solution.

▶ Swift SOC
▶ PON Devices
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