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Unique Technology

Ilsintech creates a technical innovation in the field of fiber optic communication. Fusion Splicer with ALLINONE, ALLINONE+ system, the most suitable for FTTx Solution and FTTH Fusion SOC of super high quality etc... Discover the difference, unlike any other!

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▶ FTTx Solution
▶  FTTH Fusion SOC
New Product

Swift K7
Swit K7 is world-fastest in splicing & sleeve heating time. It delivers high precision performance with low loss.
Swift KR7
Swift KR7 is the advanced typical ribbon splicer that can proceed the maintenance via internet. And it can take user-friendly GUI for user convenience.

Splicer & Tools

Ilsintech has mounted the ALLINONE, ALLINONE+ system in our Fusion Splicer. This system provides customers with smarter work experience.

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▶  Fiber Cleavers
▶  Stand-alone devices
▶  Accessories etc.
FTTx Solution

For installation of FTTx network, the problem regarding quality, cost and maintenance is a source of great distress to Telco. Ilsintech Provides easier, economical, smarter FTTx solution.

▶ FTTH Fusion SOC
▶ Optical Splitters
▶  MPO Connector
▶  Patch Cord
▶  OTP
▶  OFC
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